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Mini Aussie Puppies




Calm, Loyal, Affectionate, Playful

Adult Weight 20-38 lbs
Adult Height 14-18 in
Life Expectancy 12-13 yrs
Rating 5.0 ( reviews)
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The Mini Aussie was first bred in the United States in 1968 using small Australian Shepherds. Breeders bred them down in size to produce a smaller dog and today continue to strive to produce a mirror image of the Australian Shepherd in a size that fits well into today's lifestyle, without sacrificing instinct, ability or character. To avoid confusion with the full sized Australian Shepherd, this breed name was changed by the AKC in 2011 to the Miniature American Shepherd, though still recognized by many as the former. Because of their ancestral history, these energetic and devoted dogs make for the perfect farm hand or working dog. 

Appearance and Grooming

This rustic breed is a bit longer than they are tall. They have slightly rounded heads, medium-length muzzles and almond-shaped eyes. The coat may be straight or slightly wavy, and should have feathering on the back of the legs, and a mane and frill around the neck. The base colors for this breed are usually black or reddish brown. White, tan, and beige colors appear in patches over the fur. Merles are identified by a mottled appearance across a black or red coat, causing the base to appear lighter. In a merle pattern a black base color is faded to bluish grey, they are known as a blue merle Mini Australian Shepherd. The breed’s double coat features a thick outer layer with a downy undercoat. Because of the thick coat you can expect a lot of shedding. Daily brushing will keep the bulk of the shedding down while also keeping their fur clean of dirt and debris.


These affectionate and loyal companions are full of boundless energy and need to let it all out in daily work and play. They have a strong instinctual need to keep their family safe. Though they are generally not aggressive with people, their desire to protect their family can make them anxious around strangers.  Early socialization is the best way to curb their anxiety.

Family and Companionship

When it comes to play time this dog really never comes out of the puppy phase, which makes them a great companion for older active children. These sociable dogs love to be a part of and spend time with family, so if they are left alone too often for long periods of time, they may develop separation anxiety. Though there small size makes them adaptable to most all living environments, they thrive best in areas where they have plenty of room to run.


These pooches need plenty of daily exercise and activity. Two walks a day is highly recommended along with 30 minutes of active play. If these dogs don’t have enough activity going on to keep them busy they can become destructive. Chasing and jumping are their favorite ways to play.

Training and Socialization

Training takes time with these puppies. They are very eager to please their owners and want to learn, but they also want to play. These pups are extremely smart and can easily pick up on your attitude and emotion, so if you feel discouraged or irritable your dog is going to feel this and get discouraged. Keep an upbeat attitude with love and praise and training will be a breeze. Even with an outgoing and playful personality, this breed can be shy and uneasy around strangers. Early socialization is the best way to keep your new puppy at ease. Enrolling them in obedience school or puppy daycare will get them comfortable with other people and dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Miniature Australian Shepherds were bred down from standard size Australian Shepherds to produce a smaller version of the beloved original. The AKC (American Kennel Club) decided that instead of registering the Miniature Australian Shepherds as a size variety, they would change the name to Miniature "American" Shepherds.

With consistency, patience and positive reinforcement you will have no trouble training your Aussie quickly, as these little ones are very eager to please their owners.

This breed does very well with children. They also get along very well with other animals if they are introduced slowly. Socializing your puppy at a young age is key to bringing other animals into their space.

They range in height from 15 to 18 inches and in weigh on average between 25 to 40 lbs.

Though they are miniature they still require a moderate amount of exercise. Mini Aussies can enjoy more vigorous activities, such as jogging, swimming and hiking. Games of fetch are a terrific way for an adult mini Aussie to exercise. They will also need daily walks and some free active play.

Standard colors are Blue/Red merles and Black/Red tri's or bi's.

The only difference is size. If they are true quality Miniature’s, they should look identical to a The Standard Aussie.

No. Aussies can have shades of blue, green, brown or even a mixture. Some are even born with two different colored eyes.

This breed has a double coat which means they will shed. Some will shed less than others. Weekly and even daily brushing will help to minimize shedding and help to maintain a healthy and clean coat.

No. Most Aussies are relatively quiet, unless something seems amiss and they feel their family should be alerted. They are not prone to excessive barking.

The average life expectancy is between 12 to 13 years.

The Miniature Aussie ranks number 34 out of 195 in popularity.

In general, this is a healthy breed. Regular visits to the vet for checkups and parasite control help to ensure the dog a long, healthy life.

The Miniature Aussie is recognized by the AKC as part of the herding group.

No. This breed does shed and, as a result, will cause pet dander in your home.



Date: 4/10/2017
Name: Neo
Breed: Mini Aussie
Client: Jessica Wurst
Loc: Lima, Ohio

I just started looking at puppies and came across this website and it was a blessing! Looking through the puppies they had, I found Neo and immediately fell in love! Premier pup answered every question we had and in a very fast response! I would HIGHLY recommend them! I am so happy to have come across this website without them I wouldn't have my fur baby!!

Date: 9/3/2017
Name: Maverick and Lily Grace (aka Norah)
Breed: Mini Aussie
Client: Cindy Tisdale
Loc: Florida

Maverick (aussie) and Lily Grace (aussiedoodle) both from premier pups. They are so special to us and PP really cares.

Date: 7/7/2021
Name: tyco
Breed: Mini Aussie
Client: Kayall Manivasagam
Loc: Vernon Hills, IL

we adopted tyco back in october, premier pups helped us pick the best breed for our family and overall made it such a delightful experience. tyco is about 11 months old and his birthday is coming up soon, we’re forever grateful for him and premier!

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